10.2012 05
The 5th October 2012 was the 8th Anniversary for our website.

A large amount of work was done, a vast information base was created, different articles were prepared during these years. We worked over our website during all this period, though the results were not obvious. The search of new materials for our website, working out the conception of new rubrics and columns which are regularly realized in our resource is taking place all the time.

A new version of the website was constructed for the 5th Anniversary, but, unfortunately, not all materials from the previous website are transferred to the new version of the website. In spite of having some unfinished work, today we are turning over a new page in the history of our website.

From today onwards our website is multilingval and there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the materials in three languages: Russian, Latvian and English. The English and Latvian version of our website is not the Russian language website replica, though we aspire all main materials of our website will be published in three languages.

The idea to make a multilingual version of our website was born during the the first website when several materials were published in different languages.

We have many future creative projects and conceptions that are supposed to develop our website constantly. Welcome, we will wait You at our website.

Published: Redaktor