International "Zavoloko Readings"

International "Zavoloko Readings" is the traditional international scientific and practical conference organized by a number of partnership organizations: the Latvian Old Believers Institute, the Baltic International academy, the Riga Theophany Old Believers' Pomorian Community, the Latvian Regional and Lesser-Used Languages union. The first two readings were organized by the I.N. Zavoloko Old Believers' society as the managing partner, but the Third International readings were organized by the Latvian Old Believers institute as the managing partner.

International "Zavoloko Readings" is not a classic Old Believers' Conference, which focuses on issues directly related to the Old Believers culture, folklore, historical and spiritual heritage.

International "Zavoloko Readings" is the conference that continues the well-known Old Believer, a famous historian, a scholar of antiquities Ivan Nikiforovich Zavoloko activities which contributed to the reconstruction, development, conservation, distribution, and access to the general public of the Old Believers creative process - cultural and artistic.

A wide variety of specific currentl topics are discussed at the International "Zavoloko Readings": Old Believers as a way of life, Old Believers in the legal field, the language and the world, minority relations, and also questions about Ivan Nikiforovich Zavoloko's life, his historical and spiritual heritage. The discussion of the above mentioned issue provide a broad representation of the organizers. Thus, the list of issues for discussion at the conference is widened every time and it is determined taking into account I. N. Zavoloko's personal interests.

Scientists, reserchers of Old Believers, teachers, studying youth from different countries participate in International "Zavoloko Readings". A wide representation of foreign participants at ''Zavoloko Readings" promote Old Believers' international communication development and promote Latvian culture in the world as well. In order to promote the cultural heritage significance and relevance of traditional culture much better in future, the "Zavoloko Readings" organizing committee decided to hold the second day of the conference in Latvian regions.

A collection of scientific papers with findings that can be used as an important source of information and scholastic material usually is published after each International "Zavoloko Readings" and the summary of its results.

International "Zavoloko readings" were organized in 2005, 2007 and 2011.